Product photography FAQ

Q & A's on your product photography images

Questions commonly asked about my general product photography service:

How long after the shoot can I see the images?

I will show you the RAW images within 1 week of the shoot so you can choose the images which you want edited and enhanced.

How do you send me my final images?

I send you your images either by dropbox, via an FTP service or you can have images put onto a disc.

Can I use the images I buy more than once?

Yes, you can use the images you purchased as many times as you like.

If I decide after shoot that I would like to purchase more images can I do this?

Yes, you can buy more images separately.

How long do you keep my images on file, if I want to come back in a few months and purchase some more images am I able to do this?

Yes, I keep your images for about one year in my main storage.

Q's & A's on product photography services

If I have lots of products can you provide me with more than one photographer?

Yes, I work closely with a handful of other professional photographers who I both collaborate with and share larger product photography shoots with.

If I have an emergency and need the product photo's quickly can you rush my job through?

Yes, there are times when we are asked to process images very quickly. For this service we charge a premium rate, work evenings and weekends in order to give our clients a fast and effective service.